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Your Euro-Asian Food Trip

Taste the streets of EURASIA.
Savor the flavor.
Embrace the culture.

Prescott, Arizona’s foodscape welcomes Eurasia by Chef Michel, a takeout, buffet, and casual dining restaurant showcasing authentic European and Asian dishes. Blending exotic ingredients mixed liberally with the cooking methods of European and Asian heritage, the Eurasian kitchen is a culinary journey to your favorite Mediterranean and Asian comfort food.

Authentic European and Asian Dishes

A gastronomic tour of Mediterranean and Asian comfort food

Daily Chef’s Specials
Casual Dining
Private Parties
Meeting Space

One Chef.
Multi-Cuisine Culinary Connoisseur.

Accomplished in Classical French Cuisine in France,
American-born Frenchman Chef Michel Cottabarren
combines French culinary technique and an exquisite palate
to come up with Eurasian dishes influenced by
his work experiences in Europe and Asia.

The EURASIA kitchen defies strict culinary definition but showcases a regular staple of European and Asian comfort food to warm the soul. Its eclectic menu changes with daily specials, buffets, European and Asian fusion cuisine, Eurasian beverages, desserts, and grab-and-go dishes.

Featuring distinct flavors and style of cooking, Chef Michel is an unrelenting culinary thinker with a knack for the unexpected. His is an approach to cooking that is unafraid, liberating, and radical. There is no telling what new foray into gastronomic creation he will strike out to.